'Real' community

Alicia Offhaus is smitten with Classical Conversations of Conway.

She believes attendees will be also if they visit the homeschool group this Tuesday, March 14, for its Excellence in Education lunchtime gathering at Pine Grove Baptist Church on Old Reeves Ferry Road.

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A hope and a future

Meet Veronica. She is 15 years old and shares a birthday with my mama. I want to tell you I met her in the parking lot across the street from Ocean View Baptist Church, but that’s not really true.

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Beautiful stories

I did it yesterday. I stole away for a few hours for a return visit to Brookgreen Gardens. I have intended to use my seven-day pass for more than one visit, and yesterday, I did it. I did it alone, and it felt so good.

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A rejoicing ride

In thinking back, it seems juvenile. A cute little effort at doing what grownups do - those competent, trained professionals who appear polished, put-together, and oh, so very capable. Yet, with me...perhaps I was a bit deluded when I put pen to paper and wrote those things. Yes, foolish, I was.

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Imitators of beauty

I have been drawn to truth, beauty, and goodness all of my life. It’s unexplainable the extent of my desire to perceive and delight in truth, to experience and create beauty, and to know the rich goodness that is felt deep in my soul with the pursuit of such virtues.

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Hope for families

Kathy Crist believes she is on a mission from God. Of course, the tenets of her faith tell her she is not alone in the assignment to help those in need.

“It’s our job as Christians to help these folks,” the Conway woman said.

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