A beautiful barcode

Today, Keith put in the final element in the layout of my Bible study. After I nervously typed and clicked my way through the process of obtaining a barcode for We Are IN, I hit download. Within seconds, the identifying information for my precious creation was before me. 

It’s selling for $12.95. I like that. It sounds like it belongs to a title that really should be sold. $12.95. Yeah, I like that. It’s now time to check it one last time and send it off for printing.

As Keith placed the digital image of the barcode on the back cover (industry standards you see), the realness of this actually happening became apparent. I’m no longer playing the role of a writer. I am a writer.

I’ve been published before. I was a staff writer for the local newspaper, The Horry Independent, and won awards for it. I have written, edited, and published my own magazine, GoodWorks, and I’m published online on this blog. I’ve also continued to freelance. But somehow, this is different.

This is more real than I can describe and I haven’t even got a printed copy yet. I’ll probably faint when that happens. It may be more impressive to me that We Are IN will be available at online at Amazon. I’ll be able to look it up and it will appear as a viable option for purchase. Just like I can do for famous authors and writers, I’ll (and you, too) will be able to do for me. That ain’t too bad, if I do say so myself.