Doing the thing

It was a Sunday morning. I was praying for my family. I was crying out to God for ways I could help my husband. I did that for a while. Actually, I did that for a long while. I love words, and sometimes, I tend to use a lot of them. After letting me go on and on, God answered me.

But He did not give me instructions on how to “fix” my husband and the current situation we were in. Don’t we always do that. We want our boss to hear this sermon, or our friend to read this book...But God wanted to get His hands on me. God brought me to the conclusion that I needed to be a better wife.

Ouch. That’s not what I wanted to hear.

God told me it was my job to be the best wife I could be. God told me to do my job and leave my husband to do his. God also lead me to Proverbs 31:10-31 and said, “Here’s how you do it.”

God always has a way of turning my pointing finger back in my face, especially when it concerns my motives. And anything I write about - God has already convicted me of. My writing is just the sharing of that with you. Hence, She Brings Him Good: 31 days to becoming a happier wife, my latest book offering, was born.

In the past, I have been obsessively slow to finalize a product. I write something. Then, I like to think about it - a lot. I think about it some more. But God has a way of transforming things when He desires to, and that is what He has done with me. 

I got the idea to write, She Brings Him Good on March 16 of this year. Four days later, I outlined the book. On March 29, I wrote it. That was a Saturday, and it took me 11 hours. Six days later, on April 5, I edited the book. During the next few weeks, my talented husband did all of the layout and design of the book. To sum up that process, I wrote the entire book March 29, and it was printed exactly one month later. For me, that is remarkable.

It's also remarkable that the book is available at Amazon by clicking here.

On that same Saturday I wrote She Brings Him Good, I got a call from my pastor and boss. He tells me of a death that happened the day before. I coordinate the communications for my church so there were a few things I needed to get done to let our congregation be aware of the untimely death of this man who had been visiting with us. During that conversation, I learned that the man had committed suicide, and that there had been some issues of infidelity.  

As I was pondering all of these things in the midst of me writing a book aimed at marriage, I realized the absolute importance of marriage - and it being carried out as God designed. That’s what creates a solid, happy marriage, and I couldn’t have been more honored than to have my heart and my hands in the 31st chapter of the book of Proverbs. In the midst of such a tragedy, what a blessing it was to be stuck deep in the Word of God that provides all hope, especially in the middle of God’s perfect design for marriage.

I imagined what it would be like for people - for me - to actually do what God says will give me a marriage that both honors Him and makes me happy. And not just for marriage, but in every area of life. I pray that is exactly what I do. I pray to take God at His word. He is faithful. I should be, too.

I continue to be overwhelmed that the God of the universe would be so patient with me. He is changing me day by day. He is giving me bigger faith and a bold confidence to simply just do what He asks me to do. Yes. God is great. God is good.