A call for clarity

My heart and mind are overwhelmed with topics I could write about today. So overwhelmed that I’m nearly paralyzed as to which is the better choice to apply God’s Word to. Is it the news articles I’ve already read today about suicide, one an attempt and one successful, if you can call it that? Is it the insecurity inherent in the relational backgrounds reported of the people in the stories?

Is it the division of the people in Arizona, and the entire country, about race and immigration? Is it President Obama’s second appointment of a Supreme Court justice? Is it reports questioning her sexual orientation? Reports that there are currently no protestants on the nation’s highest courts? Can I dare to mix faith and politics? Can I not? Is it the hate coming into my city next week when protestors from Westboro Baptist Church come and spew their twisted religion on our high school students?

I am overwhelmed at how messed up we are. Sometimes the lies of our culture sink into our brains so deeply that we wouldn’t know the truth if it slapped us in the face. In times like these, all I can do is hold on tightly to the One Who not only has the truth, but is the truth.

I want so badly to write something to make a difference, to help someone move past themselves and to move to God. My heart is so full for those who are lost, searching for security in drugs and sex and fame. I so feel for those who are angry at the system, blaming anyone and anything for their misery. And the same time, I’m frustrated with those who take no responsibility for their actions. I’m also frustrated to no end with those who have authority in this culture and are reckless with it.

The majority of the media do not disseminate information. Most of the national media has an agenda. What happened to reporting what happened? What happened to the truth? Nearly everything we see and hear and read these days has been muddied. I’m desperate for clarity. Thank God He provides it. Thank God that if we turn to Him, He will show it to us.

Stop. Look. Listen. Push aside the lies closing in on you. Make way for the light of the truth. Let it shine. Then you will see.