A note of thanks

I have the most amazing in-laws. I am forever the recipient of love, support and encouragement at one or both of their hands. They frequently go out of their way, doing things to make life easier for me. They are eager, devoted and attentive “babysitters.” I can think of no one else who could keep my children safe, fed AND spoiled, all while teaching life lessons.

Nearly two decades ago, they welcomed me into their family, first as a girlfriend and then as wife to their eldest son. I have never felt like an outsider. Either they never saw me as one or they did a good job at hiding it. Whatever the case, I’ve always felt I belonged. Isn’t the mother-in-law supposed to take over the self-esteem of the new wife and belittle her cooking and housekeeping skills? Not Nancy. She must be out of the loop on that custom.

I honestly don’t know where I’d be without my in-laws. As I continue to grow up spiritually, I realize just how much love and support they consistently have shown me over the years and just how little appreciation and gratitude I have given in return. This note is but a small token of loving thanks for everything they have shared with me.

First, I thank them for their son. I have an awesome husband. I love Keith more the longer I’m married to him. I’m not sure exactly what they did to help make him what he is today, but I’m glad he turned out the way he did. I have a man who loves me, respects me and wants to be with me.

There a lot of other things I could thank Richard and Nancy for. I could thank them for introducing me to the Christian faith. I could thank them for setting an atmosphere where I could be myself, especially since I’ve not always been very good at just being me. I could thank them for supporting my dreams and gifts. I could thank them for a lot of other things, but there isn’t room here for that.

My goal and desire for the future is to say thanks - to them and others - with words and with actions, by living a life of gratitude, day by day, moment by moment.