• The first time Francis Alford heard about a community garden project was on a Sunday morning. The words came from the pulpit.

    Alford said his pastor, the Rev. Scott Johnson, mentioned the idea to the Union United Methodist Church congregation at the end of a sermon a few months ago. As Johnson pitched the project, he also asks for volunteers to put some action behind the vision.

  • Kathy Crist believes she is on a mission from God. Of course, the tenets of her faith tell her she is not alone in the assignment to help those in need.

    “It’s our job as Christians to help these folks,” the Conway woman said.

  • Somewhere along the line you’d think I’d get used to being overwhelmed by God, but so far it hasn’t happened. I am continually floored by His grace and His perfect patience in dealing with me.

  • For a small church, Union United Methodist gets big results.

    The South Conway church regularly sees about 150 worshippers on any given Sunday. Despite that, the congregation has brought in close to $120,000 to fund water wells in Africa as well as improve its own facilities for effective ministry environments.