• In thinking back, it seems juvenile. A cute little effort at doing what grownups do - those competent, trained professionals who appear polished, put-together, and oh, so very capable. Yet, with me...perhaps I was a bit deluded when I put pen to paper and wrote those things. Yes, foolish, I was.

  • I stepped outside into the pre-dawn morning. While the air was cold and crisp, my heart was warmed by the Creator’s star-filled sky. It was beautiful. It was clear. It was such a refreshment from the rainy, dreary weather we’ve had here lately.

  • I’m amazed at how little I know about the natural world. It seems everywhere I look, and everything I read, I am reaffirmed of this truth.

    I began homeschooling my daughter, Page, a few weeks ago.

  • I have been drawn to truth, beauty, and goodness all of my life. It’s unexplainable the extent of my desire to perceive and delight in truth, to experience and create beauty, and to know the rich goodness that is felt deep in my soul with the pursuit of such virtues.